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PsychTech brings in a team of experts tailored to the specific needs of each initiative that include leading depth psychologists, strategists, marketing professionals, facilitators, coaches, and others...

Edward Santana, Ph.D., Principal


Edward Santana, Ph.D. is a senior advisor and academic who specializes in bridging business and depth psychology. He is an experienced strategist, startup consultant, Ogilvy PR alum, author, coach, therapist, and former Congressional staff member. He supports leaders and teams on issues of connection, performance, vision, and growth by deepening understanding and alignment with the deepest aspects of self, soul, and the collective. He is the principal of PsychTech Lab, and advises companies on how to expand knowledge and consciousness among teams and organizations by delving far deeper into the hidden psychological and cultural layers that create the foundations for powerful change, innovation, and social impact. 

Some additional background, career highlights, and past client information below:


Career Highlights




Served as a Press Secretary and as a senior staff member to two Members of Congress, ran two congressional campaigns, and worked on two presidential campaigns...


Helped orchestrate an environmental grassroots campaign to stop a hazardous waste plant, and pass bipartisan legislation protecting several pristine waterways...


In the early 90's as a young staff member at Ogilvy Public Relations, worked on national media outreach for the CDC's first public information campaign on the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Also worked on the launch of President Clinton's AmeriCorps program...


Served as VP of, the first internet startup in the political space, and teamed with Yahoo! to hold the first online forums with presidential candidates...




Past Clients


Pfizer: worldwide employee communications, PR, leadership strategy (Silver Anvil Award)


Lockheed Martin: communications for two global mergers


Miller Brewing Company: grassroots and public affairs, media training


GE Capital: Public Affairs, Capitol Hill policy symposiums


AOL: crisis communications, stakeholder relations, LGBT outreach


Internet Alliance: PR, communications, public policy, merger


United Airlines: Stakeholder Relations, employee Political Advocacy, public affairs Marketing, Communications, Strategy (Webby Award)


Aetna: PR/Marketing, LGBT outreach


Southwest Airlines: employee Political Advocacy, public affairs


Startups in a range of areas


Led a transformative therapy and mentoring program serving high-risk youth at two California prisons. Our team reversed the recidivism rate within the first year...


Ran a large division of a national therapy association for three years, created and founded a doctoral program for psychotherapists, and served on graduate school regional accreditation review committees...




Senior Executive Leadership, Georgetown University

Executive Leadership Coaching, Georgetown University

Transformational Leadership, Georgetown University

Ph.D., Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

M.A., Counseling Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

B.A., Political Science, Penn State University


Lectures & Presentations (partial listing):


“The Politics of Mental Health Care: Legislative Trends in the US and Canada for the Profession” (Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis, 2017 Conference: Advancing Psychotherapy for the Next Generation, The Chicago School)

“Myth, Narrative, and Story: A Master Salon for Innovators on Going Deeper, Getting Authentic, and Accelerating Impact” (Seminar for startup companies and tech innovators, Palo Alto, 2017)

Archetypal Narratives: Access the Ancient Genius at the Core of Images and Ecosystems” (Salon and lecture for senior marketing professionals, San Francisco, 2017)

“Conscious and Unconscious Narratives: Tapping the Hidden Stories and Patterns that Drive Life and Work” (Seminar for executives and management consultants, San Francisco, 2017)

“Cultivating Greater Innovation and Creativity with the Deeper Layers of the Psyche” (Lecture for marketing and brand leaders, Oakland Impact HUB, 2017)

“Human Stews: Critical Intelligence for Navigating Dysfunctions, Personality Disorders, and Unconscious Conflicts in Teams and Groups” (Seminar for leadership professionals, Palo Alto, 2017)

“The Power of the Erotic for Professional Life: Tapping the Intelligence and Wisdom of Eros, Longing, and Desire” (Public lecture for organizational development professionals, San Francisco, 2017)

“Gender & Sexuality: Jungian and Depth Perspectives” (Seminar for training psychologists and psychotherapists, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2016)

“Depth Sex & Kinky Soul” (Training Seminar for training psychologists, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2015)

“Jung and Sex: Re-Visioning the Treatment of Sexual Issues in Psychotherapy Through an Exploration and Analysis of Jung’s Writings on Sexual Phenomena” (Lecture, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2014)

“Psychotherapy and Professional Regulations” (Ontario Assn. for Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conference Presentation and Workshop, Toronto, 2012)

“Jung’s Typology & Myers-Briggs” (Ph.D. Graduate Program Lecture, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2012)

“Rethinking Opportunities: Professional Regulation of Psychotherapy” (Canadian Assn. for Psychodynamic Therapy Conference Panel, Toronto, 2012)

“State of the Association” (Ontario Assn. for Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conference Presentation, Toronto, 2010/2011/2012)

“Juvenile Options for Lifelong Transitions” (California Workforce Assn. Conference on Youth: Expert Panel on Juvenile Justice and Treatment, Long Beach, 2010)

“Diversity & Inclusion” (National Home Builders Conference Presentation, Las Vegas, 2009)

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