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A Quick Story for Context

As a growing startup, Airbnb reached out to author, Chip Conley, whose book on tapping into the insights of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs stirred critical ideas about how to structure their business and create new ways of thinking about the hotel industry.

Integrating business acumen with their newfound psychological knowledge helped propel their giant leap forward. They even hired Conley as Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy (see his HBR article here). It's a great story and a great model.

Though Maslow is an important figure in the field of psychology, there are also other important figures with even greater contributions and insights for organizational and business success, such as C.G. Jung and many post-modern analytical psychologists, psychoanalysts, and systemic theorists.

Jung, for example, described a psychology of the unconscious and the complexities of the psyche and systems.  He made discoveries about archetypes, the collective unconscious, the power of myths and symbols, the dynamics of pathology and complexes, the nature of personality types (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), and the primacy of dreams and synchronicities. But all the knowledge and experience from those discoveries has barely been brought into the realms of organizational and business development. 

PsychTech draws critical ideas from psychological and sociological contributors to support important breakthroughs in organizations. We integrate elements of analytical psychology (C.G. Jung), archetypal psychology (James Hillman), mythology (Joseph Campbell), psychoanalytic psychology (Bion), systems thinkers (Bateson), and many other important contributors.

Like Airbnb (after they reached out to Conley), we believe positive change and growth for organizations can happen when they fully grasp the power of the unconscious, and the elements that have driven human experience since antiquity.

PsychTech brings in a team of leading depth psychologists and strategists


Edward Santana, Ph.D., Principal


Edward Santana, Ph.D. is a senior advisor and academic who specializes in bridging business with depth psychology. He is an experienced strategist, startup consultant, Ogilvy PR alum, author, coach, therapist, and former Congressional staff member. He supports leaders and teams on issues of connection, performance, vision, and growth by deepening understanding and alignment with the most important elements of the deeper psyche. He is the principal of PsychTech Lab, and advises companies on how to expand knowledge and consciousness among teams and organizations by delving deeply into the hidden psychological and cultural layers that create the foundations for powerful change, innovation, and social impact. 

Career Highlights

  • Served as a Press Secretary and as a senior staff member to two Members of Congress, ran two congressional campaigns, and worked on two presidential campaigns.

  • Helped orchestrate a national environmental grassroots campaign to stop a proposed hazardous waste facility, and passed bipartisan legislation protecting several pristine wild rivers from development.

  • At Ogilvy Public Relations, worked on national media outreach for the CDC's first public information campaign on the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Also worked on the launch of President Clinton's AmeriCorps program.

  • Served as VP of, the first internet startup in the political space, won Webby Award for best site, and teamed with Yahoo! to hold the first online forums with presidential candidates VP Al Gore & Sen Bill Bradley.

  • Led a transformative therapy and mentoring program serving high-risk youth at two California prisons. His team reversed the recidivism rate within the first year.

  • Ran a large division of a national therapy association for three years, created and founded a doctoral program for psychotherapists, and served on graduate school regional accreditation review committees.

  • Advanced health practitioner on the medical staff at UCSF Medical Center.


Past Clients

  • Pfizer: worldwide employee communications, PR, leadership strategy (Silver Anvil Award)

  • Lockheed Martin: communications for two global mergers

  • Miller Brewing Company: grassroots and public affairs, media training

  • GE Capital: public affairs, Capitol Hill policy symposiums

  • AOL: crisis communications, stakeholder relations, LGBT outreach

  • Internet Alliance: PR, communications, public policy, merger

  • United Airlines: stakeholder relations, employee political advocacy, public affairs

  • marketing, communications, strategy (Webby Award)

  • Aetna: PR/marketing, LGBT outreach

  • Southwest Airlines: employee political advocacy, public affairs

  • Startups in a range of areas (biotech, cryptocurrency, consumer, media)



Senior Executive Leadership, Georgetown University

Executive Leadership Coaching, Georgetown University

Transformational Leadership, Georgetown University

Ph.D., Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

M.A., Counseling Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

B.A., Political Science, Penn State University


Lectures & Presentations (partial list):