PsychTech Lab

What is PsychTech?


We are psychologists and experts in unconscious dynamics who help our clients and partners realize their greatest potential by accessing new and untapped sources of knowledge and consciousness.

We bridge complex business solutions with deep organizational discoveries to help our clients more clearly understand the depths of their organizational psyche and its hidden dynamics.

Our Core Services

  • Mapping the Organizational Unconscious & Psyche

  • Organizational Depth & Psychosocial Analysis

  • Leadership and Team Analysis: Unconscious Dynamics, Untapped Strengths & Collective Innovation

  • Organizational & Team Interventions

Additional Consulting and Support

  • Change management and turnarounds

  • Internal Communications and marketing

  • HR support

  • Leadership & executive team development

  • Custom trainings & programs

Unlike many surface-level efforts, our team delves far deeper into the hidden psychological, cultural, and social layers that underpin every organizational success or failure. That is how we help teams discover previously hidden dynamics and access untapped sources of innovation, creativity, and potential. Those discoveries and realizations are often the greatest catalysts for building alignment between an organization's calling, its people, and its efforts to drive change and innovation. 

Bottom line: getting more conscious can save an organization, a product, or a team. It can also be the catalyst for great discoveries.


What We Do


Mapping the Organizational Psyche

Understand the complexities of the organizational psyche as a whole.

Mapping the organizational psyche is an important first step we provide to clients. Just like an individual, organizations are living entities with a diverse and complex range of psychological dynamics. Organizations have stories, complexes, egos, defense mechanisms, archetypal patterns, wounds, conflicts, higher callings, and the challenges of its own shadow. But much of this remains largely unconscious. The conscious organization is one better able to handle adversity, challenges, and developmental changes. The conscious organization also invests in understanding how to address its most significant challenges, many which stem from internal struggles. We work with leaders to map the organizational psyche and then to create strategies for bringing this vital information forward to support new success and growth.

Organizational & Team Analysis

Build and invest in teams with knowledge and in-depth analysis that goes well beyond the ordinary.

Most change efforts realize only short-term or limited success because most do not go deep enough and many lack an analysis that reflects the true depth of human and system complexities. In ordinary efforts, an analysis for an organization or team reaches only into the shallow or conscious layers. Much of this information was already apparent or known by most in the circle. A true "depth analysis" aims to gather the deeper elements that remain mostly unconscious and unrecognized. These unique discoveries are the most vital sources of change and growth, and without this greater effort to understand them many organizations simply falter or fail.

Leadership & Executive Team Analysis

Conscious and engaged leaders are the key to operational and systemic success.

The lifeblood of organizations are the teams that drive consciousness and awareness with an aptitude for realizing the needs and values of the systems and groups they serve. Conscious leaders and executive teams serve larger roles than merely being decision makers. They are also the holders of the vision and direction for a community and all those it serves. We know we need more conscious leaders to face the barrage of today's challenges but how do leaders get more conscious? Beyond the shelves of business advice books and short-term trainings, leaders and executive teams need ways to understand their own unconscious dimensions and to harness greater tools and strategies for accessing awareness of their hidden group dynamics. We work with leaders and leadership teams to come to grips with their own strengths and, more importantly, to fully understand what larger unconscious elements are actually driving most choices and decisions. 

Identifying Conscious and Unconscious Dynamics

Tap into the hidden elements and patterns that drive life and work.

Wrapped up in our conscious worlds, many of us remain boxed in by the “known” elements and “fixed” quantities that reduce life and work to repetitious experiences and understandings. As a result, we often settle for some level of limited conscious knowledge about our personal or organizational dynamics.

But there is a greater realm of unconscious forces driving the root and core of things in our lives. And often those forces remain unacknowledged and not examined. This is as true for teams and organizations, as it is for individuals.

For organizations, either established or just starting up, it is essential to cultivate an awareness of deeper patterns, narratives, and dynamics underlying internal and external perceptions, identities, and products. Without a more expansive awareness, organizations produce inauthentic, ineffective, and lackluster results. PsychTech helps you discover unconscious patterns and hidden elements to yield greater organizational alignment and success.

High-Conflict & Under-Performing Teams

Gain critical intelligence for navigating dysfunctions, personality disorders, and unconscious conflicts in teams and groups.

Leaders and innovators must come to grips with the realities of human complexities in the workplace and should make a concerted effort to understand the light and shadow aspects of individuals and groups. 

But all too often, dysfunctions and disorders run rampantly. Individuals (and groups) will demonstrate high levels of conflict, contempt, and/or common disorders such as high narcissism, borderline behaviors, and addictions. Many situations and conflicts that seem too relational or psychologically complex often go unrecognized or are swept under the rug. They eventually can wreak havoc on individuals, teams, operations, and projects. And, they create lingering perils in operations. But these situations and conflicts were missed opportunities that could have deepened organizational wisdom and relationships. All too often, those missed opportunities are the reasons for the demise of otherwise promising companies and great ideas.

Few organizations gather the intelligence needed to run conscious high-performing environments. Businesses and organizations are built and driven by the human psyche and emerge from human relationships, yet too little focus or effort is paid to the conscious and unconscious dynamics that are the reasons for our actions, endeavors, outlook, and morale. 

PsychTech carefully explores these difficult situations with you. From identifying difficulties to exploring larger issues of team dysfunction, we foster unique approaches to navigating and overcoming many challenging dynamics.

Executive and Team Coaching

Bring your team together. Get aligned on a new challenge. Draw on resources to bridge gaps. Bring in support for key initiatives. 

With our support, leaders and teams gain new perspectives, additional focus, and new levels of consciousness that support success. Most teams have the tools and resources to meet objectives, yet many of these resources remain hidden or are hindered by unresolved roadblocks. Success gets delayed or thwarted. PsychTech will help support growth and bring important double-sight to key challenges and needs. 

Depth Marketing

Cultivate greater innovation and creativity with the deeper layers of the psyche.

Expand awareness and connection with audiences and stakeholders by delving beneath the veneer of surface marketing and outreach. Build efforts that emerge from deeper levels of the creative unconscious by accessing elements of collective experience and intelligence. Explore non-reductive, inverse, and receptive ways of fostering creative dialogue, while drawing on important ideas from aboriginal, ancient, modern, and post-modern frameworks. Integrate your current efforts with new ideas on intersectionality, re-visioning, feminine consciousness, de-territorializing, and ero-centrism. The art of seeing-through is a skill cultivated to help organizations understand the ineffectiveness of many ego-formulated marketing constructions, as well as simplistic archetypal rip-offs that lack depth. 

Archetypal Marketing & Narratives

Access the ancient knowledge already at the core of images, brands, and ecosystems.

Everything is alive with archetypal wisdom but few understand the complex language of images, ancient patterns, and the value of collective intelligence. All societies and cultures have created and inherited rich unconscious frameworks that underlie people's actions, identities, and experiences.

PsychTech brings focus to the wisdom of the collective unconscious and the genius of ancient patterns already existing in all corners of life and work—they underpin our imagination and understandings of every product, relationship, identity, and initiative that we form. We provide knowledge that helps organizational and startup innovators, as well as business development, strategy, marketing, leadership, and other professionals, harness the power of the archetypal realm. They learn how engaging the archetypal realm produces profound creativity, organizational and individual depth, and greater insights for reaching stakeholders and markets.

Culture-Building Programs

Build a culture of meaning, ritual, and depth.

Most of modern life is deprived of traditional rituals, and their components, that were once the strongest elements of successful cultures, groups, and communities. They helped build morale and trust among between groups, teams, and individuals. 

Rituals and commemorations have been vital foundations for the most creative and innovative societies throughout history, and they include processes, often overlooked, that bring greater meaning to our personal and work lives. Strong and healthy organizations realize the profound value and purpose of rituals and collective experiences to foster authentic and strong social bonds in their teams, organizations, and communities. 

Organizational Identity: Vision, Values, and Storytelling

Go deeper, get authentic, and accelerate impact.

The hidden threads connecting all groups and systems are found in stories, identities, and collective values. They underpin every human interaction and endeavor, and understanding them on deep levels is essential for strategists, innovators, designers, marketers, and others. We support clients in understanding the most important aspects of powerful narratives, storytelling, and the roots of ancient mythology to help them achieve far greater impact in their marketing, communications, and other outreach efforts.

PsychTech is a bridge—between business intelligence and the vast untapped potential of the Unconscious