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At PsychTech, we work with clients and partners on how to expand knowledge and consciousness among teams and organizations by delving far deeper into the hidden psychological, cultural, and collective layers. These are the foundations for powerful change, innovation, and social impact. Our unconscious dimensions drive most of what occurs in life--including in business and organizational life. If we fail to consider them seriously and focus only on the small tip of the iceberg of what is already within our conscious reach, then we are missing the greater whole and ignoring the most potent sources of knowledge, creativity, connection, and change.

Accessing these depths and working with these deeper realms are critical sources for growth and inspiration too often neglected or overlooked in their value for driving performance and solutions.


As strategic advisors, we bring a combination of rare and powerful perspectives, grounded in wide-ranging psychological and cultural dynamics, to support organizations and teams in these areas:







For individuals and teams wanting to make greater impact, it is essential to have a deeper understanding of the numinous and hidden forces at work in every endeavour and relationship. By bridging common sense business approaches with ways to access deeper insights, PsychTech supports a formative and transcendent engagement with the deeper organizational psyche (a Greek word which means "soul")—to build greater awareness and alignment between the organization's calling, its people, and the real drivers of change and innovation. 

Bottom line: getting more conscious can save an organization, a product, or a team–it can also be the catalyst for great discovery and hidden opportunities.


a quick story


...a quick story for context:

As a growing startup, Airbnb reached out to author, Chip Conley, whose book on tapping into the insights of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs stirred critical ideas about how to structure their business and create new ways of thinking about the hotel industry. Integrating business acumen with deep psychological knowledge propelled their giant leap forward. They even hired Conley as Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy (see his wonderful HBR article here). It's a great story and a great model. Though Maslow is an important figure in the field of psychology, there are even more valuable contributors and insights to consider for gaining organizational and business success.

C.G. Jung's psychology of the unconscious--and his discoveries of archetypes, personality types (Myers-Briggs), the collective unconscious, the shadow, the tension of opposites, the power of myth and symbols, the dynamics of pathology and complexes, and the primacy of dreams and synchronicities--are all much greater elements that have only tangentially been brought into awareness on the organizational front.

PsychTech is about this confluence of critical ideas from Jung, archetypal psychologist James Hillman, mythologist Joseph Campbell, and many other important contributors. Like Airbnb's story, we believe even greater value has yet to be gleaned from the power of the unconscious, and the elements that have driven human experience since antiquity.

—If you want to succeed, you must bridge your idea to the deepest elements of human experience, to the great mysteries of humankind

Some examples...


Here are just a few Examples:


Archetypal Marketing & Narratives

Access the Ancient Genius at the Core of Images, Brands, and Ecosystems

Everything is alive with archetypal wisdom but few understand the complex language of images, ancient patterns, and the value of collective intelligence. All societies and cultures have inherited rich frameworks that underlie human endeavors, actions, identities, and their innovations. This area of work brings focus to the wisdom of the collective unconscious and the genius of ancient patterns living in all corners of life and work—they underpin our imagination and understandings of every product, relationship, identity, and initiative that we form. Organizational and startup innovators, as well as business development, strategy, marketing, leadership, and other professionals are supported in a rich program to gain greater skill and understanding of how to work with the archetypal realm—a profound engagement that enhances creativity, impact, and depth. 

Conscious and Unconscious Dynamics

Tapping the Hidden Stories and Patterns that Drive Life and Work

Wrapped up in our conscious worlds, many of us remain boxed in by the “known” elements and “fixed” quantities that reduce life and work to repetitious experiences and understandings. Though we come to grips with some important knowledge of our personal or organizational dynamics, there exists a greater realm of unconscious forces driving at the root and core, which often go unacknowledged and unexamined. For individuals and organizations, either established or just starting up, it is essential to cultivate an awareness and technique for unearthing the deeper patterns, narratives, and stories underlying conscious perceptions. Without this focus, a lack of broader exploration often creates inauthentic, ineffective, weak, and incomplete personal and organizational results. Discover how to access and interact with unconscious materia and the hidden dimensions demanding greater expression.

Relational Dynamics

Critical Intelligence for Navigating Dysfunctions, Personality Disorders, and Unconscious Conflicts in Teams and Groups

Leaders and innovators must come to grips with the realities of human complexities in the workplace and forge a greater capacity to understand the light and shadow aspects of individuals and groups. Too often dysfunctions and disorders run rampantly, wreaking havoc on individuals, teams, operations, and projects. Few organizations gather the intelligence needed to run conscious high-performing environments. Businesses and organizations are built and driven by the human psyche and emerge from human relationships, yet too little focus or effort is paid to the conscious and unconscious dynamics that underpin our actions and endeavors. These issues include individuals (and groups) that demonstrate high levels of conflict, contempt, and/or common disorders such as high narcissism, borderline behaviors, and addictions. Many situations and conflicts that seem too relationally or psychologically complex, go unrecognized or are swept under the rug. However, these create lingering perils and missed opportunities to deepen organizational wisdom and relationships, and all too often problems in this arena are the reason for the demise of otherwise promising companies and great ideas. It is crucial to carefully explore this difficult territory, from identifying and getting honest about dysfunctions to seizing new approaches for expanding the depth of organizational life. 

Executive and Team Coaching

Bring your team together. Get aligned on a new challenge. Draw on resources to bridge gaps. Bring on support for key initiatives. Leaders and teams gain from outside support by adding new perspectives, bringing additional focus, and by adding levels of consciousness to support success. Most teams have the tools and resources to meet objectives, yet many of these resources remain hidden or are hindered by unresolved roadblocks. Success gets delayed or thwarted. An outside adviser can help support growth and bring important double-sight into key challenges and needs. Get in touch if you want to discuss your team's needs and see what support might be of value.

Depth Marketing

Cultivating Greater Innovation and Creativity with the Deeper Layers of the Psyche

Expand awareness and connection with audiences and stakeholders by delving beneath the veneer of surface marketing and outreach. Build efforts that emerge from deeper levels of the creative unconscious by accessing elements of collective experience and intelligence. Explore non-reductive, inverse, and receptive ways of fostering creative dialogue, while drawing on important ideas from aboriginal, ancient, modern, and post-modern frameworks. Integrate your current efforts with new ideas on intersectionality, re-visioning, feminine consciousness, de-territorializing, and ero-centrism. The art of seeing-through is developed to support understanding the ineffectiveness of many ego-formulated marketing constructions, as well as simplistic archetypal rip-offs that lack depth. This work explores the true meaning of “in-spiration” and what it is to offer the deep soul a seat at the table. 


Building a Culture of Ritual, Celebration, and Depth

Most of modern life is deprived of the traditional threads of ritual that were once the strongest elements of successful groups and communities. Learn how to cultivate the profound value and purpose of rituals to foster social bonds and to build stronger organizations and communities. This way of sacred honoring has been the vital foundation for the most creative and innovative societies throughout history—a process which seeks a return to bring greater meaning to our personal and work lives. 

Innovation, Passion, & Drive

Tapping the Intelligence and Wisdom of Passion and Desire

Many understand the powerful pull of attraction and desire in personal domains, but what is it to live a life that taps into the same kind of passion and longing for one’s work? The Greek god, Eros, is symbolic for one of the most powerful and numinous archetypal forces we can ever experience—one which emerges in every creative act, innovation, and artistic expression known. Eros is not limited to personal domains, however, and includes the highest expressions of passionate pursuit, driving desire, and a soul-level longing to bring something new into the world professionally. It is essential to bring more attention to the importance of tapping into these creative forces that awaken parts of the Self in professional and organizational domains. 

Myth, Narrative, and Story

Going Deeper, Getting Authentic, and Accelerating Impact

Engage in a deep dialogue on how to understand and bridge narrative, storytelling, and applied mythology to expand awareness and impact that touches unconscious levels of the collective. There are crucial differences and intersections between story, myth, and narrative. They have a critical role in underpinning every human interaction and endeavour—and this is an essential awareness for strategists, innovators, marketers, designers, business developers, and others. 

Whole Organization Coaching

Get your startup team or group on the same page. Meet extreme challenges with extreme levels of support. Show your team you're invested in them by offering wider ranges of support. Bring what's needed to accelerate growth. It's critical to identify sources of support organization-wide that will help small companies and startups go the distance. An outside advisor can also bring important mindfulness to unconscious obstacles or to identify dynamics that are blocking success, or to be a steady driver of change for special initiatives. This is especially true for dysfunctional circumstances that seem insurmountable or formidable. But these breakdowns are in need of a breakthrough, and the right coach and advisor with the right insight can provide the crucial support to facilitate change.

PsychTech is a bridge—between business intelligence and the vast untapped potential of the Unconscious